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environmental policy

We are committed to use our business and platform to promote a sustainable lifestyle and encourage eco-friendly habits for all our guests and customers. We have created this policy in order to underline our responsibilities and improve our systems. We continue to self evaluate everything we do and are happy to take feedback from guests on any improvements they feel we could make to improve our carbon footprint. 

We are dedicated to fufill the following:

  • Source local produce wherever possible.

  • Make our own jams and marmalade.

  • Recycle all glass, metal, cans, plastic, paper and household waste wherever possible.

  • Use natural bio degradable cleaning products wherever possible.

  • Utilise Internet based marketing to eliminate marketing literature.

  • Use of e-mail for booking confirmations, directions and general advice for the area.

  • LED light bulbs in use throughout the house.

  • Provide walking and cycling information so that our guests may enjoy nature in a sustainable, natural way.

  • Provide storage for cycles, walking equipment and any other outdoor equipment guests may have.

  • Provide information on local public transport.

  • Our lodges comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practise.

  • Our lodges are insulated to the highest specifications.

  • We seek to reduce the use of energy and be carbon neutral – all lodges are heated by a wood burning stove which uses wood from our own forests.

  • We use eco friendly products (low energy light bulbs, recycled paper products and bin liners, environmentally friendly firelighters).

  • We provide guests with certified fair trade organic bed linen from Fou Furnishings thus demonstrating our support for ethical agricultural practise.

  • We seek to reuse and recycle items such as bed linen and towels which become worn or damaged.

  • We use and supply eco friendly cleaning products in our lodges thus enabling and encouraging our guests to try environmentally sensitive products.

  • We provide a recycle bin for our guests and ask that they separate their rubbish and recycle appropriately thus reducing the impact on landfill.

  • We encourage wildlife into the surrounding forest and feed those requiring a helping hand – the birds and red squirrels.

  • We are working with the British Dragonfly Society to monitor damselflies on the estate.

  • We are replanting areas of woodland felled in 2014 and will include mixed native broadleaves such as Alder, Silver birch and Sessile oak. Shrubs such as Holly, Rowan and Hazel will also be planted to provide long term food sources for local wildlife.

  • Our welcome pack contains organic or fair trade beverages along with shortbread produced just a few miles up the road.

  • From 2014 all glassware purchased in the lodges is recycled glass.

  • We have minimised our travel carbon emissions by employing only local staff.

  • We raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in sustainable business practices.

  • We are heavily involved in the local community and support a variety of local projects.

  • We keep abreast of advances in environmental technology and are constantly looking at ways of reducing our energy consumption.

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