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about us

We, the Smith family moved into Gellan Cottage in October 2018 and began realising our long held dream of developing an ethical, sustainable family cottage industry that drew on their different skills, passions and experience.

Over lockdown we pulled all our ideas together to design and construct Heron Lodge, an eco-glamping holiday cabin we hope creates a welcoming, comfortable and restful retreat for guests. We have been blown away by the incredible reviews Heron lodge guests have left us making it all so worth while. We also hosted a small wedding reception and baby shower in our BBQ area, a unique feature built by previous owners using massive blocks of local granite. In addition we've planted the first 10m section of the planned 100m of mixed native bare root hedging as part of our plan to increase biodiversity in the garden as well as create more privacy around the Heron Lodge.   

The "Pond reflections " project,  site specific sculptures by Jane , was completed in 2023 and we're now planning more planting in and around the pond to increase the biodiversity of this area although it is already rich in insect, bird and wildlife including regular visits from the heron and very rare visits from an otter.  
We have many future plans so please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see them unfold.  

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