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artist statement

My creative practice encompasses sculpture, drawing and printmaking as well as delivering creative sessions and workshops in collaboration with fellow artists and local community groups. Moving to Gellan Cottage in 2018 was a catalyst to expand my practice into creating larger scale, experimental, site-specific sculptures, exploring new materials and methodologies. That said recycled bronze is a medium to which I often return for small scale pieces as I find it inherently alluring. I feel the versatility and variety of form, texture, patina and lustre it provides adds character and ambiance to the work.

I graduated from Edinburgh University and College of Art with an MA in Fine Art in 1986 and have continued my practice since then and now work from my home studio at Gellan.

Growing up in the Scottish east coast village of Gullane I spent my childhood playing on the beach or in the waves so the coastal environment is a rich source of inspiration to which I often return. My “ Sea Swimmers” aim to capture the essence of being immersed in the sea literally and figuratively with the sea being a metaphor for all of life’s experiences. Themes of joy, fear, freedom, sensuality, struggle and spirituality are expressed through form, texture and figurative allusion. My “Ark” series uses the vessel to transport narratives and ideas symbolically. I also reference the infinite patterns and forms of fossils, shells and driftwood.   




Shell Form -birdbath